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California STEAM Symposium 2017

Join us for our 5th annual California STEAM Symposium in San Francisco, December 10-11, 2017!

The 2017 California STEAM Symposium (formerly the STEM Symposium) convenes nearly 3,000 educators from across California to catalyze improved STEAM instruction for all students. The California STEAM Symposium provides educators with opportunities for ongoing rigorous, high-quality, collaborative, and inspiring professional learning and resources. The conference also showcases innovative approaches to teaching and learning happening throughout the state.

The STEAM Symposium reflects the importance of a strong education that prepares students for productive futures, no matter what their educational or career paths will be. This is the first year the STEM Symposium will be the STEAM Symposium.

The inclusion of Art recognizes the role creativity and design thinking plays in students’ learning. By braiding together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, like the strands of a rope, students learn to think critically and flexibly, preparing them for fulfilling, 21st-century careers.

Art and design also offer opportunities to increase student engagement. By connecting STEAM learning to their real lives and providing inclusive opportunities for innovation through self-expression, students learn about the greater variety of STEAM careers available to them and how they can apply their own creativity to develop innovative solutions to our everyday problems.

As we develop our programming and select our presentations for 2017, we look forward to sharing how you can bring STEAM learning to your students

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