Premier Genie

We offer adcanced ability and learning courses in Mathematics, English and Robotics & Computer Science


Premier Genie provides a platform for enthusiastic children to explore and hone their understanding in advanced mathematics, logical reasoning, computer science, problem solving and prepares them for standardized tests and international competitions.

The program will also help children build a solid foundation to get into top Universities or Institutes in the world at a later stage in their lives.

We created a customized and dynamic curriculum that not only challenged our child mentally but also made the process engaging, drawing him closer to mathematics. To reinforce the application of concepts learnt in a practical setting, we prepared him for a summer program at “Center for Talent Development” at Northwestern University (Chicago) in 2013.


Premier Genie is an Education Service provider. In addition to preparing students in advanced math, the program trains children for international tests such as SCAT (School and College Admission Test) and SAT (Stanford Achievement Test) – that are key to get into top summer programs in universities in the United States like John Hopkins, Northwestern, Stanford and University of Chicago to name a few.


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