STEM For Kids

Since founding STEM For Kids in 2011, we have touched thousands of children in and outside of schools. We take pride in our engineering and computer sciences curricula that we have specifically designed with industry and academia to energize and excite young minds.


STEM For Kids is the brain child of Moni Singh. After contributing as an engineer and an industry leader to the development and deployment of various technologies like wireless phones, telecommunications equipment and smart meters, Singh embarked on the mission to expose children to the immense potential, the energy and the excitement in STEM fields.

A few years ago I transitioned out of corporations to focus on education in search of these answers. Finding solutions and clearing the way to bring STEM to young children has been my most purposeful and cherished journey. The experience and satisfaction surpassed even my most successful feats during my corporate career … working on cutting edge technical innovations as an engineer, winning a coveted customer account as a general manager or finding and deploying the most cost-effective source for mass production as a supply chain leader.

Our STEM Programs

Computer Programming, Engineering and Technology for Elementary and Middle School Children


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