STEM Curriculum

STEM: Curriculum Alignment Module

The module begins by identifying the key instructional staff, administrators, and business and industry partners to address program of study (curriculum) alignment and development needs and ends with planning for the evaluation of these activities. The module outlines steps to assist partnerships in working through relevant tasks involved in aligning curriculum. The steps are appropriate for programs of study in various cluster areas and for developing and improving programs of study in which curriculum has been provided through other sources, such as the Illinois Learning Exchanges.

The goals of this curriculum alignment module are to:

  1. identify key partners to address curriculum alignment,
  2. identify courses, work-based learning experiences, and assessments and credentials that address student performance in the program of study,
  3. conduct a “gap analysis” and improve the alignment of standards and curriculum,
  4. identify and adapt aligned resources and instruction,
  5. develop agreements among and between institutions to leverage resources and provide a comprehensive program of study, and
  6. identify student support strategies and resources.


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