Incorporating Entrepreneurial Practices into STEM Education

Date: 23rd April 2022

Time: 9.30AM to 1.30PM (GMT +4)

Having entrepreneurship skills among students is vital in today’s world. These skills increase their communication, decision-making, and time management skills, making the entrepreneur’s career much easier and more functional.

This is excellent training for high school teachers to learn how to incorporate entrepreneurial practices into their existing STEM courses to improve their students’ entrepreneurial abilities. Attending this course will teach you how to effectively implement E-STEM activities in your classroom by incorporating entrepreneurial practices into the existing STEM curriculum. These four hours of E-STEM workshop will be a combination of theory to practice, assessment and certification.

This program is appropriate for high school/secondary school Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Business teachers.

Topics covered:  

  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurial -STEM (E-STEM)
  2. Teaching Approaches of E-STEM in the classroom
  3. Practical E-STEM Model to integrate entrepreneurial practices into STEM education
  4. Implementation of E-STEM in schools