STEM Best Practice Awards 2018

STEM Best Practice Awards 2018

Independent Best Practice Awards to promote STEM Education

STEM Best Practice Awards

The STEM Best Practice Awards were created to recognize the excellence and innovation in the implementation of STEM Education at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels in MENA, Indian Subcontinent, ASEAN and EAST Asia regions, with three finalists and winners selected from each level in each region. STEM implementation partners of the winning schools also will be recognized.

Awards Ceremony

All finalists will be invited to and recognized at STEM Best Practice Educators Summit 2018 in their region (MENA – Dubai, Indian Subcontinent – Mumbai, ASEAN – Bangkok, EAST Asia – Beijing), with the winners announced live during the keynote. Each school will present their exemplar program in the STEM Best Practice Summit. STEM implementation partners of the winning schools also will be invited and recognized at the Summit.

Special Award for winners

Winning school team (Head of the School and STEM Leader of the school) from all 4 regions will be invited to attend STEM Best Practice Leadership Summit 2018 in Dubai. Cost of the Hotel and Summit fee will be covered by Team.

Participation Certificate

Participation certificate will be given to all participating schools and the implementation partners who supported them.

Nomination submissions for the MENA region are open now!

How to apply

There is NO entry fees for the nomination.

Schools from the MENA region can submit their entries for these awards. Nomination submissions for the awards are open now through our Web Portal All applications for consideration must be completed by 31st January 2018.

To nominate a school please sign up for an account first. After you have created an account please go to your email and verify your account. After verification, click to fill out and submit a nomination form available in “My Profile” page. After submission, an email will automatically be sent to you at the email address provided in the nomination, notifying about your nomination. Schools should summit only one application and a letter from Head of the School certifying the nomination is mandatory.

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Selection Process

STEM Best Practice Award applications will be evaluated based on the use of Interdisciplinary Curriculum, Collaboration, Design, Problem Solving and the STEM Experiences offered by each school. The STEM Best Practice Award’s Expert Committee will evaluate all applications and notify the main contacts.

Awards Partnership / Sponsorship

If you are interested to join hands with STEM Best Practice Awards team to proudly support this Awards please contact us.

Contact Us

For questions about the award, the nomination, application processes, sponsorship or any other subject regarding this Awards please contact us:

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