AllgeriScan Pro: Revolutionizing Allergy Diagnosis and Management


Food allergies affect millions worldwide, causing immense suffering and posing significant health risks. Traditional allergy diagnostic methods, such as IgE cell counting through blood draws, are uncomfortable and often deter individuals from seeking timely assessments. Moreover, the prevalence of food allergies, particularly among children, continues to rise, indicating a pressing need for accessible and efficient diagnostic solutions.


The impact of food allergies extends beyond physical discomfort to emotional distress and societal limitations. Allergies restrict individuals from fully participating in social activities, dining out, and enjoying diverse culinary experiences. Furthermore, severe allergic reactions can be life-threatening, necessitating prompt and accurate diagnosis to mitigate risks. By addressing these challenges, AllgeriScan Pro aims to enhance the quality of life for allergy sufferers and promote inclusivity in food-related settings.


AllgeriScan Pro introduces a paradigm shift in allergy diagnosis and management by offering a painless and user-friendly solution. The device utilizes innovative microfluidic technology to analyze IgE cell counts from a simple mouth swab, eliminating the need for invasive blood draws. This approach not only enhances patient comfort but also streamlines the diagnostic process, enabling faster turnaround times for results.

Furthermore, AllgeriScan Pro integrates seamlessly with the AllgeriScan app, providing users with comprehensive allergy management tools. Through the app, individuals can access personalized allergy reports, discover allergy-friendly restaurants, and receive tailored recipes aligned with their dietary restrictions. The incorporation of NFC tags facilitates easy identification of family members, enhancing user convenience and accessibility.


AllgeriScan Pro leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver accurate and efficient allergy assessments. The device incorporates microfluidic technology for precise IgE cell counting, ensuring reliable results. Additionally, the integration of NFC tags and RFID scanners enhances user experience and simplifies device operation.


The development process of AllgeriScan Pro adhered to STEM best practices, emphasizing innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving. Prototyping was conducted using TinkerCad, a versatile design tool, enabling iterative improvements and rapid development. Google Teachable Machine was utilized for food item scanning, demonstrating the application of machine learning in allergy management.



AllgeriScan Pro exemplifies a transformative approach to addressing the challenges posed by food allergies, emphasizing inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation. By empowering individuals with accurate allergy assessments and comprehensive management tools, AllgeriScan Pro aims to reshape food allergies from weaknesses into strengths, enabling individuals to embrace diverse culinary experiences without limitations.

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