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About Me

Hi, I’m Hussain Lootah, and I’m 16 years old. I’ve always had a deep passion for computers and programming. It all started with a simple curiosity that gradually turned into a full-fledged obsession. You see, I’ve spent countless hours diving into the intricacies of coding languages like Python, Java, and HTML/CSS. 

Along the way, I’ve taken on various coding projects and even participated in competitions to test my skills. My ultimate goal? Well, I envision myself making a real difference in the world of software engineering. I want to be part of something bigger, something that contributes to innovative tech solutions that benefit society. So, that’s me in a nutshell – a determined young coder with big dreams and an even bigger passion for what I do.

By: Hussain Lootah

How it all started?

It all started with one YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJvCVw1yONQ) where I was inspired by its small and compact size rather than having a full mega PC you can achieve the same with this small and powerful computer. Still, mainly I was inspired by my father all the time I would work on cars from big too small to even programming cars that had me interested on tech as I started to watch many tech videos on the internet I was excited when something new came out and would open my phone and search for any reviews and first looks on the product. 

I was interested in the components of the tech and how they made it this small and compact and able to do everything you ever need like the phones, they started as brick phones and moved into smaller and more powerful computers that can handle a lot of tasks that old computers could not even handle it properly as they struggled even to turn on. That started my inspiration for tech with then would also be inspired by my aunt as she was a tech person like me which greatly boosted my passion for tech and inspired the Raspberry Pi project.

What is the point of making this computer?

This project that I am working on was an inspiration of programming and creating systems and so I was thrilled when I found something that was afordable to work on and could help me learn and work in the same time because of that I needed to solve the problem of the newer generation of kids not being able to learn code as the software they have are very difficult to learn and work so I have decided to write down my whole journey so I can show other kids and teens that it is not very difficult unless you work and do your research as this helped me create my project and made it possible to create. And so I want other people to also get interested in this topic as how I did and it being easy for them to learn on the software and computers.

In today’s world there is a high demand for coders in the UAE but there is a big decrease in children learning it the main problem, is that it is tough and complex, so this problem led to me deciding to create a computer that can teach children how to code and in a much easier way, and that solves the problem of not having enough coders.

What problem lead to my product?

My Solution

The Raspberry Pi 4 Kit is my solution as it simplifies coding education by offering bite-sized lessons and interactive tutorials. It provides a hands-on learning experience, allowing children to experiment with real hardware and unleash their creativity. With a comprehensive curriculum catering to all skill levels, learners progress seamlessly from beginner to advanced levels for all ages.

How does quality Education Align with my program?

My program is about teaching children code as this computer is made for children to learn and work and new code, the computer helps the child step by step on how to make the code and how you should build it the one I was doing is the camera one and I have put all my steps so children can learn from my product.

Steps in creating the product

I bought my first camera with a wired cable, the cable connecter had some problems connecting at first I solved that by using other people’s experience with the same problem, but what came next was unfixable the cable camera broke and I could not put it back and so I needed to find another way to do this and the only way was to get a USB style camera and this worked better and had fewer problems along the way. The software of the camera worked smoothly and easy to use and so I was able to do the camera without much more trouble.

Many of the students that have tested my product have said that it was much more fun to work on it and use it as it was very easy to understand and taught them step by step, my product was tested by all ages but it mostly was enjoyed with children above the age of 10 as they could understand it and put the things together. My product was a success as they all learned and understood the main goals and tasks they were given in the product.

What impact does it have on the real world?

The computer can teach many people lots of new code that can help shape the new worlds of coders and programmers and this can lead to even bigger breakthroughs as many people are learning code it creates an even higher amount of people who will push it to its limit and by this, it has a massive impact on our world and how we work and by this it can help shape a new generation to be the best.

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