Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

By – Taleen Mahmoud & Marah Mohammed

About us

Taleen Mahmoud and a Marah Mohammed secondary school student in Al Maaref Private School in Dubai. our interest in robotics and industrial automation drives our involvement in this competition. I have an innovative idea that I believe will be valuable in the future, and I see this competition as the perfect opportunity to present it.

The Problem

Farmers face significant challenges as they work tirelessly to meet the growing demand for food production. The intensive nature of agriculture, coupled with unpredictable environmental conditions such as climate change . Introducing robots and AI technologies into farming processes could alleviate this burden, enhancing efficiency, productivity, sustainability in the agricultural sector, and reduce the health risks


Implementing advanced robotics and AI in farming operations offers a transformative solution to the challenges faced by farmers. These technologies can automate intensive tasks . By integrating robots and AI, farmers can streamline their processes, reduce manual effort, and save valuable time, ultimately leading to increased productivity and sustainable agricultural practices.

Taleen & Marah’s Supermarket¬†

Financial Analysis

This financial analysis delves into the global tomato export market, focusing on key indicators and trends. Major exporting countries are assessed for their economic success, considering production capacity and trade balances. Financial metrics such as export prices and revenue are scrutinized, and market dynamics, challenges, and innovations are highlighted. The analysis offers insights into future trends, aiding stakeholders in strategic decision-making for the dynamic landscape of global tomato trade.

Artificial Intelligence

The solution involves the robot ( quarky ) to transport the tomatoes to the designed storage room to factory that contain 3 differ station. The AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) part is when the quarky is going to place the tomatoes in the storage room and detect that tomatoes.

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