Medical Image Segmentation

Gastrointestinal Cancer The patient IDs are displayed on the x-axis, and the number of MRI scans for each patient is represented on the y-axis. There are 61 patients in the entire dataset, and the highest number of MRI scans performed is 400. The number of treatment days determines the quantity of MRI scans (data). Training […]


THE SCIENCE OF TODAY IS THE TECHNOLOGY OF TOMORROW Exploring the potential of artificial pancreas technology in revolutionizing diabetes care Diabetes is a prevalent chronic condition, exacerbated by sedentary lifestyles and poor diets. Recent advancements in diabetes management include the innovative artificial pancreas, offering dynamic and precise blood glucose regulation. Our experiment delves into Introducing […]

Real-world deployment of Car Alcohol Detection Test

IMPACT ON SAFETY The deployment of car alcohol detection tests can have a profound impact on road safety. By preventing intoxicated individuals from driving, these systems have the potential to save countless lives and reduce the incidence of alcohol-related accidents. CONCLUSION The real-world deployment of car alcohol detection tests presents a promising opportunity to enhance […]